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    In order to provide our users with the best classifieds experience the following guidelines must be followed for your classifieds to be accepted:


    Posting, viewing classifieds is free.
    We are primarily an item-based site for posting (for-sale, wanted, rental ads) across 75 different categories/sub categories.
    Your classifieds will be listed as long as you need it.
    You can upgrade your classifieds to premium classifieds at anytime.
    All third party ads will be removed.
    We reserve the right to edit, delete, reject any classifieds for any reason without regard for the editorial guidelines.


    Post your classifieds in the right category.
    You are allowed to post as many classifieds as you want, as long as they are for different items.
    Provide a concise descriptive title for your classifieds, avoid terms like 'wanted' or 'for sale' in the title description as these are understood. Make sure that the content of your classifieds adequately describes the item you want to sell or buy including the cost of the item with the appropriate currency.
    Include photos (non animated) of your item if applicable (for premium classifieds users only) or you can add a link to your own external site.
    If you include your phone number please make sure you include the country code, STD code (area code) and the number.
    Links to your website must be complete and allow users to return to the indianClassifieds.com site by clicking once on the browser's Back button.


    Do not SPAM.
    Do not post incomplete classifieds.
    Do not cross post across multiple categories for the same item.
    Do not post repeat classifieds for the same item.
    Do not use HTML code in your classifieds description.
    Do not capitalize titles/descriptions in their entirety.
    Do not post third-party classifieds. You must be the end-user of the classifieds.
    Do not post multi-level-marketing classifieds. All MLM classifieds will be deleted.
    Do not post classifieds with Links to your site with URL redirection.
    Do not post any adult-oriented classifieds.